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How to Mine Bitcoins

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CGMiner ( forum thread)

Mining Bitcoins requires special software known as a Bitcoin Miner. BTC Guild recommends cgminer (or bfgminer) for serious miners.

After you register on BTC Guild, you have a single worker created automatically, named (username)_1. Workers do not require passwords to mine at BTC Guild. We recommend entering '123' as your password when connecting, since some miners do not function without a password

If you run multiple computers ("mining rigs"), we recommend that you create a new worker for each computer. This will make it easier to monitor your computers through the BTC Guild website and identify possible problems.

How to Connect: CGMiner

CGMiner is one of the most advanced and full feature miners available. It runs in a command line, but allows configuration while running using the keyboard. After launching cgminer, you will be prompted with the following:


Username: username_workername (example: eleuthria_1)

Password: 123 (or leave blank, it does not matter)